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  • Can I provide my own garments for you to decorate?
    Yes, but only for embroidery. Please note we can't be held liable for any issues that arise in production on customer supplied garments.
  • Do you have minimums?
    Embroidery has a 4 piece minimum. Screen printing has a 24 piece minimum. You may mix and match sizes & colors within those numbers.
  • What's your turnaround?
    For embroidery and screen printing, the average turnaround is 2 weeks. For promotional products, it varies product to product. Turnaround time begins after we receive pre-payment and art approval.
  • Do I always have to pre-pay for orders?
    No, if you are set up on credit terms with us we can process orders before you pay. If you are not set up on terms, we require the payment in full before the order can be processed.
  • Can you do rush jobs?
    Yes! Many times we are able to speed up the process for a fee. If you have a firm in-hands date, just chat with one of our representatives.
  • Are there setup fees?
    Screen printing has zero set up fees! Embroidery has a 1 time digitizing fee ($45) to create an embroidery file for your logo. This allows the machines to read the file and run the proper stitch directions. Once we do this once, it is saved on file forever so you'll never have to pay it again as long as you use us. Promotional products vary product to product, but many times there is a $50 setup fee each time you order. That's why it's best to order these in large quantities!
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